Best of White Winter Hymnal covers

I must confess , i love this song , i´m impressed how many people covered already this song , i´ve collected the best one´s , that´s all



I found this picture yesterday , i love the colours , and i love the summertime


Carnival of colours

Took this picture last weekend in our city , later at home i relized  these different colours  in the sky and mirrored on the wet road



later i took some group photos in the town hall

IMG_8073 IMG_8075 IMG_8076 IMG_8078


Fra Diavolo – The Devil´s Brother – Teufelsbrüder

The original from  Daniel-François-Esprit Auber
Fra Diavolo ou L’Hôtellerie de Terracine, opéra comique in three acts, first performance 28 January 1830, Théâtre Feydeau, Paris.

Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy and  Dennis King in “The Devil’s Brother” (1933)

Marcel Wittrisch
Erblickt auf Felsenhoh’n den kuhnen Rauber stolz und hehr!
Marcel Wittrisch (born Antwerp, 1 October 1901 died Stuttgart, 3 June 1955) was a popular German operatic tenor.

and the italian version

The Sochi Olypmics – Winter Games of Hate

Facebook Beer Chug Challenge

the pine

The 24 hour challenge is just that – once nominated, you have 24 hours to upload a video of you doing something outlandish in your gitch, outside in the sub-zero cold. After your stunt, you must immediately thank whoever nominated you for the nomination, nominate 3 people and tell them they have 24 hours to complete the challenge. Lastly, you must chug a beer.

and how it works

Most people , only chug the beer , without doing anything else than thanking for the nomination and ….. to nomninate afterwards three other persons , i love the original idea behind



Great Opera – Callas and Garancia

Often i hear the people write and say , the divine Maria Callas, she is incomparable. A few days ago i´ve watched the “flower Duet” by Delibes , with Alina Garancia and Netrebko . In my opinion the best piece i´ve ever seen . They are both adorable . the best show i´ve  ever watched before .

But to come back to the topic , i saw lateron a video clip from Alina Garancia performing Habanera from Carmen .

Please watch it and have a look , especially on her gesture and the expression of her face , opera is not only singing but also a performing art.

Afterwards you should watch this clip , a concert of 1962 and Maria Callas as Carmen performing the same song , if you had no idea what´s the difference between these two artists , you will understand it afterwards .



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