Guests from Ceylon / India

Working for a newspaper in my spare time , i had to go up the hill in a very nice church to take pictures. Guest from Sri Lanka / India has been there and took part at the „Worship “ with songs and dances from Sri Lanka . I was fascinated about the beautyful colourful  dresses and the songs and dances . Here are some of my pictures i took this morning  in the church and afterwards at the dinner in the community hall .When the guest left the church they put all of them a red and orange point on their forehead as a sign for peace and that they are welcome in the community .  What a wonderful sunday morning , the monks or padres how they call themselves are really cool , i ve got no other word to express my feeling for them , they come from all parts of this world . They´ve cooked an Indian meal this day , very spicy chicken and some kind of beans , very tasteful 🙂 .


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