French Woods – Bomb Hole – World War 2

We have a beautyful forest nearby my hometown – they call it „French Woods “ or „Bomb Hole“ or simply „Ammunition depot“ after the building which you can find there , relicts from the time of World War 2 , which the germans built during the war , especially as stockrooms for munition ( hidden in the forrest) . After the war the french army occupied it and destroyed the munition there , the explosions formed bomb holes , now filled with water . An uncle told me , that they´ve found there a lot of cartridges  , while playing as childrens in the wodds and sticks , something like sparklers ( i have no idea what they have been good for ) . Today they use these buildings as storages for charity organisations or clubs. In the meantime , the nature took back posession of these  seven buildings again ,  as you can see here …………………


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