Goodbye Horses

Goodbye Horses – a One Hit Wonder from Q Lazarus , i´m really fascinated about this song , and so are obviously a lot of other guys . The song was used in several soundtracks , well knwon as the “ Buffalo Bill Theme“  in the movie „The Silence of the Lambs “ with Jodie Foster. You remember this guy , serial killer , who raped his victims and made himself a suit with parts of their skin ,brrrrrrr really crazy this guy .

But let us come back to the song . According to William Garveys website (website is down ;-(  )  It’s a woman singing about a man (sung in past tense), and what he’s telling her is all very negative, to which she disagrees. It’s pretty simplistic in it’s verses. The ‚Goodbye Horses‘ lyric is clearly a metaphor. There are no horses in the song. Basically, it’s the mind we’re talking about here. ‚Goodbye Horses‘ is saying goodbye to the mind. So it could just be Death on the whole. Take for instance, the saying ‚Hold Your Horses‘, I think that’s the best way of explaining the metaphor…I mean, you don’t actually have horses do you?…well, okay. It seems clear Garvey intended the song to be quite uplifting, however, he didn’t have control over Q Lazzarus voice. But as with any song, it’s all down to interpretation (well, unless the singer says otherwise and screws that up) A lot of people say ‚Goodbye Horses‘ is about drugs, namely, cocaine. But there isn’t really any indication to that. On the flipside to the ‚Goodbye Horses‘ vinyl, is a song called ‚White Lines‘, which could easily be misconstrued as being about cocaine, but the lyric within the song goes ‚White lines over the ocean‘. But even if the song is a reference to cocaine, it does not mean that ‚Goodbye Horses‘ is. ‚Goodbye Horses‘ was not written for the movie ‚The Silence Of The Lambs (1991 Jonathan Demme)‘. The song was written and released in 1988, a month after the book (by Thomas Harris) was released. The song appeared in ‚Married To The Mob‘ (another Demme movie) which was released in theatres across America a month after the books release, thus making it impossible. ( I´m happy that i´ve saved his words in this way )

I ´ve added the lyrics at the end of this blog .

The fascination of this song share a lot of people , filmmaker and musicians have been inspired to give this song a new meaning , a „new skin“ here a few ( haha ) of them ( i´ve counted over 35 ) , the musicians added their personal style and created a new product , have fun while viewing ( i´ve added some stars**** to the one i prefer , but this must not be a quality standard for you )

Goodbye Horses from Q Lazarur with Outtakes from „The Silence of the Lambs“

Kele Okereke ***

Venus Infers


Airborne Toxic Event (live )


Fan death **

Masked Queens (bad sound but great show ^^ )

Foretaste *

Morten Blok

Brad Sucks

Effect One

Mike Theis Sity Nine

Phat Phaze ***

Sebastian Acara (remix)

Crosses (live)


Bethany Jean Conroy (unplugged ) ***

Just a young lady moving around to the sound of Q Lazarus and hear a cat screaming ^^

Jays Buffalo Bill Dance (just for fun ) **** from Clerks 2

Adios Caballos ***

XI Dead

Flight (the hard ones ) ***


Just for fun hahaha ***

Kokrok ( the metal version)

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Private Cover Mix

Tiny Folk

Robert Torbica (acoustic cover )

Cover guitar

Sin (live )

Electronic Cover

New Army

Nice film ( great ideas ) ***

The Octopus Machine

He told me, „I’ve seen it rise,
But, it always falls.
I’ve seen ‚em come, I’ve seen ‚em go.“

He said, „All things pass into the night.“

And I said, „Oh no sir, I must say you’re wrong,
I must disagree, Oh no sir, I must say you’re wrong,
Won’t you listen to me?“

He told me, „I’ve seen it all before,
I’ve been there, I’ve seen my hopes and dreams
lying on the ground.
I’ve seen the sky, just begin to fall.“

He said, „All things pass into the night“
And I said, „Oh no sir, I must say you’re wrong,
I must disagree, Oh no sir, I must say you’re wrong,
Won’t you listen to me.“

Goodbye horses, I’m flying over you.
Goodbye horses, I’m flying over you.


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