The End of the World countdown – with the Subhumans – 25 days left

When i get up this saturday morning , i had a sudden idea , inspired by the song of U2 i´ve posted yesterday. I thought about the relation between Jesus and Judas Ischariot , and came to the conclusion , that history repeated once again .  We´ve betrayed our good holy mother earth  as Judas Ischariot and gave her already the kiss of death . If the world has to die one day , i´m quite sure, it will not be the 21st of decembre , we,  the mankind will be responsible for this slow death. If you take a look , this process already started , we poison our water and air , global warming increase , we pollute our environment in order to exploit the ressources like oil and gas , and finally succeeded to produce artificial earthquakes as a cause of our greed for money ………we are living in a dying world,  indeed we left paradise and also the garden of Gethsemane , we are on the stony  way to Golgotha already

There’s a hole at the bottom of the earth
Where the blood pours out at the end of the day
When the usual amount of people have died
Sit back and watch the death and decay

It’s a dying world

When you’re living in a dying world
Panicking becomes the everyday thing
Buy up the food, the power and the guns
Get used to the threat of the final fling

It’s a dying world

There’s a hole in your mind where nothing exists
Except fear and loathing of the strange but true
Facts that defy your inner intelligence
Like man kills himself for something to do

It’s a dying world


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