The outdated ‘Frontier Mentality’ that is killing America

it makes no sense to me- yes stop handguns – we don´t need them

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As the U.S. reels once again from the effects of a tragedy of unspeakable proportions, the NRA will once again be circling the wagons in the finest Western movie tradition, and begin spouting the hackneyed line about ‚the right to bear arms.‘  But it’s not the logic of the founding fathers that will save America. It is far more pertinent to look to Darwinism. In short: ‚Adapt, or die.‘

I do not believe the wise and inspired people who drew up a charter to steer that great country a safe course through history would insist that their words should remain unchanging. The world changes, and we should change with it.  The logic of having the right to hold a weapon to defend your land as you seek to tame the wilderness and create a new frontier, a new nation, has become a hollow, sick joke in the 21st Century. It…

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