I must confess , i´m really fascinated about the different modern dance styles , especially the industrial (think it´s because of the music ) but also the other styles – itry  to introduce a few to you as , for example ,   this one

industrial dance

Dubstep Dance

and this one

Break Dance (we know this from the 80´s)

Shuffle Dance also called Melbourne Shuffle (coming from Australia) i lke the trousers they wear dancing hardstyle , jumpstyle ,t-step or runnning man as the figures are called

and the shuffle , koreA STYLE

instead of the legs they move more the arms dancing the …

Electro or Tecktonik Dance

the Robot Dance


this streetdancer is awesome

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance (the modern belly dance )

and the usual ,well-known traditional belly dance

Indian Bhangra

Kathak Dance

Flamenco Dance

Zumba Dance (some kind of fitness workout dance )

and we should not forget the metal fans – headbanging

and the sisters and brothers of Punk music – Pogo (as Debbie Harry explains it )

Debbie that Pogo ^^

so i think that´s enough for today 🙂 i´m really exhausted from all this dancing around ^^


Über Stan

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