Louie Louie ,

„Louie, Louie“ is a US american Blues&Rhythm Song composed by Richard Berry , there must be over a hundred different versions , covered by different artists. The version which became the most popular, was the one of the Kingsmen, the same version which has been the topic of 250 pages of a FBI report in 1963. They´ve examined the lyrics due to alleged obscinity . During the examination the song has been banned from the US Gouvernor in Indiana -The Billboard magazine headline: „The Governor of Indiana prohibits pornographic wall song“

Here is the original version of 1957 from Richard Berry

The classic „Louie Louie“ was written and recorded by Richard Berry, a black American, in 1957. Not a hit, it attracted attention in his north-west US area. What started the phenomenon was The Wailers of „Tall Cool One“ fame. They had no vocalist, and used guest singers. For this one it was Rockin Robin Roberts. Released in the Seattle area in 1961 it was a big regional hit. At the same time a competing record was released there by Little Bill and the BlueNotes.
It was in 1963 that the Kingsmen, also from that area, copied it. Not an immediate hit, it was a sleeper which ended up #2 nationally on Billboard and #1 in Cashbox.

By the way, what the craziness is about is a fellow talking to his friend Louie about sailing back to Jamaica to see his lady.

and the version from the Kingsmen from 1963

After the release of this song from the Kingsmen , this song became a standard in worlds rockmusic , according to louielouie.net there exist about 1500 cover versions.

The first version of the song was by Rene Touzet and was titled El Loco Cha Cha. THe piece  was a Calypso, which was composed by the Cuban bandleader Rosendo Ruiz, Jr.. Touzet rearranged the song and included  the classic „Louie Louie“ riff .

In fact , the first one who recorded the song with obscene lyrics was Iggy Pop and the Stooges during a live gig in 1974

the one with the most different interpretations of this song was Frank Zappa

Louie Louie , became also a very important part of Punk music , Black Flag released in 1983(1981?)  their version (videoclip from 1984 with frontman Henry Rollins )

Radiostation KFJC played 1983 in a Louie Louie Marathon about 823 versions for this song in 63 hours .

and here are  another few examples i´ve found

The Sonics

The Clash

The Fat Boys

MCS 1972 live in Helsinki

Friar Tuck

The Navahodas

and at least the lyrics

Louie, Louie, oh no, me gotta go.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, said, Louie, Louie, oh, baby, me gotta go.

A fine little girl she waits for me
Me catch a ship for cross the sea.
Me sail that ship all alone
Me never think how I make it home.

Ah, Louie, Louie. No, no, no, no, me gotta go.
Oh, no. Said, Louie, Louie. Oh, baby, said we gotta go.
(Undeutlicher Schrei im Hintergrund, möglicherweise „Fuck!”)

Three nights and days I sail the sea
Think of girl, oh, constantly.
Ah, on that ship I dream she there
I smell the rose, ah, in her hair.

Ah, Louie, Louie. Oh, no, sayin‘ we gotta go.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, but, ah, Louie, Louie. Oh, baby, said, we gotta go.
(Schreiend) Okay, let’s give it to ‚em right now! (instrumentaler Teil)

Me see Jamaica, ah, moon above.
It won’t be long, me see me love.
Take her in my arms again,
I got her; I’ll never leave again.

Ah, Louie, Louie. Oh, no, sayin‘ me gotta go.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, but, ah, Louie, Louie. Oh, baby, said, ah, we gotta go.

I said we gotta go now,

Let’s get on outta here.


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