Bobby Fuller – I fought the law (and the law won)

Robert Gaston „Bobby“ Fuller (born October 22, 1942 in Baytown, Texas, † 18 July 1966 in Los Angeles, California) was an American rock singer, songwriter and guitarist who founded, among others, with his brother Randy The Bobby Fuller Four which had from 1964 to 1966 with Let Her Dance (June 1965), I Fought the Law (December 1965) and Love’s Made a Fool of You (1966) their greatest successes.

He died under mysterious circumstances -„The report states that Bobby’s face, chest, and side were covered in „petechial hemorrhages“ probably caused by gasoline vapors and the summer heat. He found no bruises, no broken bones, no cuts. No evidence of beating.“ Kuipers further explains that boxes for „accident“ and „suicide“ were ticked, but next to the boxes were question marks. Despite the official cause of death, some commentators believe Fuller was murdered.

There are a few theories -Although investigations were commissioned by private detectives, the exact circumstances of his death are still to be elucidated.  Several authors attribute this also to negligence in the investigation by the police. No fingerprints were taken , also Fuller was in the eyes of  the police officer  „just a rock’n’roll punk“

This song has been covered lateron by different punk bands , meanwhile changing  the lyrics a little bit (Dead Kennedys) , the song has been written by Sony Curtis who published him 1960 together with the Crickets a Rockabilly Band . But the real success came with the cover from the Bobby Fuller Four in 1966. the title climbed to the 9th place of the Billboard Charts – a great success  had also the Clash in 1979 with the same cover .

The Crickets

The Bob Fuller Four

The Clash and here i see a great cut , they´ve made this song a milestone in punk music !!!!!!

The Dead Kennedys ( with the changed lyrics by Jello Biafra )

The Straight Eights (reminds me a little bit on Bob Dylan )

The Big Dirty Band

Thug Murder – a ska influenced cover

and last but not least Green Day

and a short clip out of a Slovenian movie








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