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Lets get crazy – Happy New Year

the ghost of last christmas

I´ve visited a hospital this week , there i met the ghost of last christmas , that´s what i think at least


Die Rente ist sichaaaaa



Beautyful People – with Marilyn Manson , Johnny Depp and Ninja (die Antwoord)

I saw Marylin once live at a Festival in Germany and was really disappointed , his gig was really disappointing because he really didnßt move from his microphone , standing one hour straight on one place , as if he was nailed on it.

Today i saw this clip and my dissapointement went away , Marylin should invite Johnny and Ninja to his band and his future gigs will be the event we looked forward to – full of Chaos, excess  and movement , as they should be

look at this

Der Mann der Friseuse – The Hairdresser ´s husband – le mari de la coiffeuse

Ich habe heute Abend diesen Film gesehen , was mich vor allem gefesselt hat , war die Musik , die der Mann der Friseuse Antoine in dem Friseursalon von Mathilde immer wieder abspielt – arabische Musik aus dem Irak, zu der er immer einen imaginären Tanz aufführt. Ich habe den Soundtrack gesucht, damit ich  die Titel im Netz finden kann , erstmal als kleine Einführung seht ihr hier einen Ausschnitt aus dem Film.

der junge Antoine tanzt …..

hier habe ich noch die Liste des Soundtracks gefunden


1. Rabab – “Saffak Alik” (2:23)
2. Michael Nyman 1 (2:19)
3. Racheb Alame – “Wadana-Wadana” (1:58)
4. Michael Nyman 2 (1:52)
5. Rabab – “Ya-Ourra” (2:26)
6. Michael Nyman 3 (3:35)
7. Fairuz – “Sa Alouni Annais” (2:22)
8. Michael Nyman 4 (02:52)
9. Racheb Alame – “Ya Rit Fiya Kabbiha” (1:58)
10. Michael Nyman 5 (3:15)
11. Michael Nyman 6 (2:18)







Don´t forget to change the watch


-Sweetnessheart, what watch?
-Ten watch.
-Such much?

Music from Canada – Happy birthday Leonard Cohen


Happy birthday Leonard Cohen (80)

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf World Music - the Music Journey:

Leonard Norman Cohen,  (born September 21, 1934 in Montreal) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, poet and writer. Today he is 80 years old.

Leonard Cohen became well-known with songs like Suzanne, Hallelujah, First we take Manhattan, Bird on a wire , the partizan and a lot of other great songs of his work.

The sisters of Mercy (band) has been named after a song of Cohen, Nirvana mentioned him in their song “Pennyroyal Tea”

the Partizan , le partisan was the favourite song of a friend on FB, Kurt Heering , a writer from germany , died one year ago, his FB account is still online , but not active anymore, the gap in my friendship list remembers me always on this song


I’m on my time with everyone
I have very bad posture

I sit and drink Pennyroyal Tea
Distill the life that’s inside of me
I sit and…

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