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Merry Christmas – Frohe Weihnachten

Merry Christmas to you all ^^ Yesterday we´ve spent a beautyful evening at Harry´s place , but first we had christmas dinner, the children opened their christmas parcels ( hope everyone got what he wanted ) . Later we went to Harry, since several years he organizes a christmas party , free for all visitors . He offers free sausages and hot wine and punsch for the children , we have been there for the first time.

Harry finished his work with the christmas lights at his house , at last he finsihed also his latest project , an archangel (Gabriel ) on which he has worked since two weeks painting ……… a beautyful evening with a lot of guests…….

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Put on the lights on your christmas tree !!

Today i read at Jeffs blog , that he planned to have a ride with his wife through his hometown ( in the US) to watch the lights on the houses of their neighbours . In germany we usually don´t have this – usually but one person in our town does it the US way , since years . I´ve been there taking pictures of it – hope you enjoy it , this year he satblished also a wonderful crib 2 meters high under his christmas tree outside

K1600_IMG_0993 K1600_IMG_0994 K1600_IMG_0999 K1600_IMG_1005 K1600_IMG_1013


i know , it´s possibly not as impressive as in the US , but a good try , we´ll be there tomorrow evening , having a glas of wine , singing christmas carols , having a good time ^^


Dr. Schiwago (Dr.Zhivago) – Lara´s Theme

Today , 47 years ago in 1965 , this movie „Dr.Schiwago “ in english Dr.Zhivago , has been realeased in the US on 12-22-1965. Main actors have been Omar Sharif and Julie Christie , the film has been nominated afterwards for 10 Oscars and received at least five for Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography , adapted screenplay ,costume design and original score(music )  . The Oscar for the best female actor received Julie Christie , but not for this film , she received it for the film „Darling“ .

I´ve seen this film several times since my childhood , never been tired to see it again and i love the melody, no wonder that they´ve received an oscar , really a masterpiece- Lara´s theme . When my daughter has been born i asked to call her Lara , okay i´ve lost the challenge against my wife for the first name , but guess what´s her second name. 🙂

The second name of my son is John (also my selection)  , don´t ask me which film i preferred, haha

A month ago , i heard that  K.  named her children also after persons in a film – Lea and Luke 🙂 i smiled a little bit , but then remembered my own story , funny isn´t it ?

Heute genau vor 47 Jahren kam der Film Dr. Schiwago in die amerikanischen Kinos , er hatte Premiere am 22.12.1965. Die Hauptdarsteller waren Omar Sharif und Julie Christie , der Film wurde für 10 Oskars nominiert und bekam zuletzt dann 5 für Bestes Szenenbild, Kamera , bestes adaptiertes Drehbuch. bestes Kostümdesign und beste Filmmusik. Den Oskar für die  Beste Hauptdarstellerin  bekam Julie Christie , aber nicht für diesen Film , sondern für die Hauptrolle in „Darling“ ( mir völlig unbekannt )

Ich habe den Film seit meiner Kindheit ungezählte Male angeschaut, ich bin eigentlich niemals müde geworden den zu sehen und ich liebe die Melodie , kein Wunder , daß die damals einen Oskar für die beste Filmmusik bekommen haben- ein wahres Meisterstück – Lara´s Thema . Als meine Tochter zur Welt kam, schlug ich vor wir sollten Sie Lara nennen, ich konnte mich aber nicht gegen meine Frau durchsetzen beim Erstnamen , ratet aber mal was Sie für einen Zweitnamen hat 🙂

Der Zweitname meines Sohnes lautet John , fragt mich aber bitte nicht welcher Film mich damals inspiriert hat 🙂

Vor einem Monat (oder zwei ) hörte ich, daß die Kinder einer Bekannten auch nach den Hauptpersonen  in einem Film benannt wurden – Lara und Luke , ich lachte ein bisschen , aber dann dachte ich an meine eigene kleine Geschichte hier…….

The End of the world countdown- with The Cure, The Pogues and Trisomie 21 – 1 day left

The last one , oh no !!!! i decided to make a double feature, no a triple one haha . What can i tell you at the end ? Thank you dear follower , everything has it natural end , also this serie of „End of the world “ music titles and thoughts about , hope you enjoyed it , now i have to look upon another topic ( or possibly not gnihihihi 🙂 ) All i can say now : THANK YOU !!

P.S. I love you all -til the end <3<3<3<3<3 ( this should be little hearts ^^)

and the last song …..

Der letzte Eintrag , oh nein !!!! ich habe mich entschlossen einen doppelten , nein einen Triple draus zu machen . Was kann ich euch zum Schluß noch sagen ? Danke liber follower , auch diese „Weltuntergang-serie “ mit Muik und Gedanken dazu , hat eben auch sein natürliches Ende , ich hoffe es hat euch gefallen , jetzt muss ich mich nach einem anderen Thema umschauen ( oder auch nicht gnihihihi ) , alles was mir jetzt noch zu sagen bleibt : DANKE

und P.S. ich liebe euch alle – bis zum Ende <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 ( das sollen kleine Herzchen sein ^^)

The End of the world countdown – with The Ghost of Lemora and AXE – 3 days left

We wish you a „Happy End of the world “ 🙂

Wir wünschen euch ein fröhliches Ende der Welt !

Narrow-minded creeds,
Denying, not embracing.
Civilisation brought to its knees.
We’ll be together ‚til the bitter end
And I wasn’t joking and I don’t pretend.
Raise a glass to oblivion,
Happy end of the world to you.
Apocalypse, confirmation
Of age-old segregation.
Controlling our own destiny,
Finding Strength in adversity.
We’ll be together ‚til the bitter end
And I wasn’t joking and I don’t pretend.
Raise a glass to oblivion,
Happy end of the world to you.
Kill, murder, maim,
Justified, it’s in ‚His‘ name.
An agenda motivated by blind faith.
Two millennia to learn,
Atheist beliefs confirmed.
Why the need to win the craziest race?
Devastation all around,
Nothing moves, there is no sound.
Rejoice! We’re now rid of all these fools.
Greet the end, let’s celebrate,
This life ours to create.
Happy end of the world to you.
My only consolation,
Contempt for exultation.
Introducing the impossible
Into the realms of the plausible.
We’ll be together to ‚til the bitter end
And I wasn’t joking and I don’t pretend.
Raise a glass to oblivion,
Happy end of the world to you.
Stanislav had the right idea,
Disobey the order and ignore the fear.
So much owed to so few.
Happy end of the world to you.
I can’t believe we’ve made it to the end
And I’m glad I spent it with you my friend.
Let’s get our kicks before it all goes up in flames.
Take a good look around cos it’s all gonna change.
We’ll be together ‚til the bitter end,
I wasn’t joking and I don’t pretend.
I look at you, that’s all it takes,
Restore my faith in the human race.
Raise a glass to oblivion,
Happy end of the world to you.
Continue to justify, read the book, it never lies.
21st Century don’t need this philosophy.
With you standing by my side, confident that we’d survive.
Control our own destiny, strength in adversity.
Happy end of the world to you.

The End of the world countdown – with Rapid Eye Movement – 4 days left

another big title – it´s the end of the world as we know it , REM play it most times at the end of their concerts as their last song , a good bye song …….

in the song are a lot of people mentioned with the initials L.B. as example Lenny Bruce, Leonid Breschnew, Lester Bangs, Leonard Bernstein . According to Stipe he had a dream , he was on a party and he was the only person with a name without L.B. as initials . Everything else from the song has been fragments from zapping around in the tv programs .

and a nice funny cover

noch ein großartiger Titel von REM – sie spielen den Titel zumeist am Ende Ihrer Konzerte als Rausschmeissertitel.

im Song selber sind einige Leute erwähnt die alle Namen mit den Initialen L.B. aufweisen wie Lenny Bruce , Leonid Breschnew, Lester Bangs , Leonard Bernstein….Stipe zufolge hatte er einen Traum , er war auf einer Party und alle Peronen hatten die Initialen L.B. ausser ihm selbst. Alle anderen Dinge aus dem Song sind Fragmente , die er aufschnappte als er im Fernsehen rumzappte .

The End of the world countdown – with Soundgarden – 5 days left

This one is really a classical one under all „end of the world“ soundtracks – Black Hole sun from Soundgarden from 1994. „Black Hole Sun“ was written by frontman Chris Cornell. Cornell said that he wrote the song in about 15 minutes. He used a Gretsch guitar to write the song, and commented, „I wrote the song thinking the band wouldn’t like it—then it became the biggest hit of the summer.“(wiki) – all because the world liked it ^^

Dieser Titel hier ist sicher ein Klassiker unter den Weltuntergangsliedern- Black Hole Sun von Soundgarden aus dem Jahr 1994 . Black Hole Sun wurde von Soundgarden Frontmann Chris Cornell geschrieben. Er sagte er hätte den Song in 15 Minuten geschrieben. Er verwendete eine Gretsch? – Gitarre während er den Song komponierte und meinte dazu: Ich  schrieb den Song und dachte die Band würde ihn nicht mögen- und dann wurde er zum größten Hit des Sommers“ — und alles geschah nur deshalb ,  weil die Welt diesen Song mochte ……..

In my eyes indisposed in disguise as no one knows
hides the face lies the snake in the sun in my disgrace
boiling heat summer stanch ’neath the black the sky looks dead
call my name through the cream and I’ll hear you scream again

Black hole sun won’t you come and wash away the rain
black hole sun won’t you come won’t you come won’t you come

Stuttering cold and damp steal the warm wind tired friend
times are gone for honest men and sometimes far too long for snakes
in my shoes walking sleep and my youth I pray to keep
heaven send hell away no one sings like you anymore

Black hole sun won’t you come and wash away the rain
black hole sun won’t you come won’t you come
black hole sun won’t you come and wash away the rain
black hole sun won’t you come won’t you come

(Black hole sun black hole sun) won’t you come

Hang my head drown my fear till you all just disappear

Black hole sun won’t you come and wash away the rain
black hole sun won’t you come won’t you come
black hole sun won’t you come and wash away the rain
black hole sun won’t you come won’t you come
(black hole sun black hole sun) won’t you come won’t you come

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