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Best of White Winter Hymnal covers

I must confess , i love this song , i´m impressed how many people covered already this song , i´ve collected the best one´s , that´s all



Interlude I from Alt-J and Covers

What’s behind the keyboard shortcut „alt + J“ of your keyboard ? Who presses this key combination on an English Mac keyboard,  receives a small triangle „. Delta“ Δ- a technical term but it is not only one of these vile key commands. It is also the name of a band from Leeds, England, which is supposed to be called film, but there have been  legal problems.

Interlude I is a song of their debut album “ an awesome wave “ , an acappella song .And because i love acappella, hey i´m virtually forced to write a blog about it 🙂

Here is the original song from Alt-J

and a few cover versions , the best one is from a quartet called Krossmen

and this one  is the best cover with female voices

the best solo cover

the funniest cover

a very professional remix

„Interlude I (Ripe & Ruin)“

She only ever walks to count her steps
Eighteen strides and she stops to abide
By the law that she herself has set
That eighteen steps is one complete setAnd before the next
Nine right and nine left
She looks up at the blue
And whispers to all of the above

Don’t let me drown, don’t breath alone
No kicks no pangs no broken bones
Never let me sink, always feel at home
No sticks, no shanks and no stones

Never leave it too late, always enjoy the taste
Of the great gray world of hearts
As all dogs everywhere bark, it’s worth knowing
Like all good fruit the balance of life is in the ripe and ruin

and a few others


A video clip from last year , Spoek Mathambo , a musician from South Africa with his video clip of the song „Control“

a little bit weird , i know

it´s a  good cover from Joy Division`s „She lost Control“ from 1978

Good covers are always welcome !!

Mary, Mary

Mary, Mary“ is a song written by Michael Nesmith. It was first recorded by The Butterfield Blues Band for their 1966 album, East-West. The Monkees, featuring Nesmith, would later record the song themselves. The rap group, Run–D.M.C., revived the song in the late 1980s with a cover version that hit the R&B and pop charts in the United States.(wikipedia)

The Butterfield Blues Band

The Monkees

Winston Mc Anuff & The Bazbaz Orchestra

The Run DMC

Hemp Gru ( a cover from Poland 2013)

and the Blue Meanies

Paranoids paint it black or Memories are made of this

The title of my blog is a sample of different songs from Black Sabbath, the Rolling Stones and Dean Martin , which have been afterwards covered in german by german popstars in the late 60´s . It has been the attempt to gain success with songs which have been very successful in the english original , but in germany there have been not so many people who spoke english very well , so they translated the lyrics into german and covered the rock songs. I think the attempt has not been soooo successfull but often funny and sometimes a little bit strange. Especially if you know that Cindy and Bert , Karel Gott or Freddy Quin has been popular for german folk songs or bettern known as „Schlager“ and not as rock interprets.

Here are a few examples – first the english Original , afterwards the german cover version

The Rolling Stones – Paint it Black

Karel Gott – Rot und Schwarz (translated Red and Black with Balalaika )

Black Sabbath – Paranoid

Cindy and Bert – der Hund von Baskerville (translated in english – the Dog of Baskerville )

its abouth this famous Sherlock Holmes Story

Dean Martin – Memories are made of this

Freddy Quinn – Heimweh ( this song has been very successfull in germany )



6060-842 by Karmadoza (B-52´s Cover )

They´ve released a new videoclip with vintage videos and the cover from Karmadoza of B-52´s hit 6060-842 , nice to hear

I knew you were trouble……..

Sometimes the cover is better than the Original , especially if you like acappella music

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