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Music Duels

Dueling Pianos (from the Scott Joplin movie from 1977 )

Dueling pianos (from the movie Legend of the 1900)

Part 1 (Duel between  Inventor of jazz -Jelly roll morton and 1900)

Part 2

Dueling Banjos ( from the movie „Deliverance „)

Dueling Banjos (Guitare Bob Anthonioz Banjo Philippe Bourgeois)

Dueling Gutars /from the 1986 movie „Crossroads “ with Ralph deMacchio and Steve Vai himself , of courde Ralph is not playing his part)

from the action movie „Six String Samurai “ from 1988

Dueling Ukuleles

Dueling Harmonicas ( with the  Srgo Brothers, a comical harmonica playing team, strut their chops with a number they call „Dueling Harmonicas“ in this 1984 WHAS Crusade for Children telethon clip from Louisville, Kentucky.)

Dueling Drums (Phil Collina and Chester Thompson)

Dueling Pipers (thats really funny , a little story and an excellent performance )

dueling mandolins

Dueling Cellos (Lightsaber Duel by the Piano Guys )

Dueling Cellos ( with Nathan Chan and Stephanie Sai )

Dueling Jingle Bells

Dueling Saxophones

Dueling Cajun








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