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Kraftwerk – Grammy Lifetime Award winner 2014

Kraftwerk haben als erste deutsche Band den Grammy für Ihr Lebenswerk bekommen , lange überfällig wenn man mich fragt . Ich hab heute so in alten Melodien geschwelgt , dabei ist mir aufgefallen, daß ich alles vor Autobahn 1974 bisher noch gar nicht beachtet hatte

Hier ein Song aus dem Jahr 1970 – Ruck Zuck

Die schwammen voll auf dieser experimentellen Welle damals und haben ganz neue Klangkonstrukte geschaffen, mittlerweile sind mir solche alternativen Klänge sehr ans Herz gewachsen , auch mein Sohn meinte heute , daß ihn diese weniger weit verbreitete Musik mittlerweile mehr anspricht , als das gängige Radiogedudel, Recht hat er . War aber schon immer so, bei mir , das ist wohl mein ungewollt geistiges Erbe an ihn.

Ich hab auf Youtube gestern noch so einen Channel gefunden , voller solcher Songs , der Youtube User nannte die Playlist “

„Weird Sounds: A Young Man’s Guide To Unfriendly Music“

hier ein paar Auszüge


Piss off !!!!!

What if you live in a small alley that ´s used as a public toilet ?

Viel Rauch um Nichts – A lot of smoke

Adolfo Mateo , a passionated Youtuber and pipesmoker , uploaded a lot of selfmade videos , showing …….himself smoking a pipe or a lot of pipes in different  clothings .You might say thats  boering , but one fact about it is amazing , he currently uploaded 6030 Videoclips (in words SIXTHOUSANDANDTHIRTY)  since March 2010 -wtf haha oh i like these crazy guys , whatever is the cause for this passion , hope i will get once a response …

Tame Impala´s Elephant

Probably you have seen already the new commercial for the new Blackberry mobile . For me , the soundtrack behind attracted my curiousity.

A band from Australia – Tame Impala – is responsible for this song – awesome rock sound , Tame Impala is a group from Australia whose musical style is similar to the psychedelic rock of the late 1960s. The five members Kevin Parker, Dominic Simper, Jay Watson, Nick Allbrook and Julien Barbagallo already making music together since their school days, but played with while in other bands. To her early days in 2007, they presented their songs on MySpace and waited more or less to be discovered. They were finally taken from the indie label Modular under contract and  played as the opening act for MGMT and the Black Keys and others.

Here is their song „Elephant“

Do the Harlem Shake

Go On following Link :

Type in the search window:  Do the harlem shake 

Enjoy !!!!!

Here are the Monkees and Mister Bob Dobalina

On 8 September 1965 appeared in the celebrity magazine Variety and other periodicals an advertisment where they searched   „four insane boys between 17 and 21 years“  for a TV show. Of the 437 applicants they  choose  Micky Dolenz (drums, vocals), Peter Tork (bass, vocals), Michael Nesmith (guitar, vocals) and David Jones (guitar, vocals) .( Michael Nesmith , 1942, Davy Jones , 1945 had yesterday birthday , Davy Jones died this year 2012 February 29th)  Of course you can say they have been one of the first boy bands 🙂  Therefore i had a look upon their songs and found this one called „Zilch“ ( must be one of their song of their psychedelic aera , one of this songs consisting of spoken words )

In the song they speak about a person Mister  Bob Dobalina , but who´s that,  this Mr. Bob Dobalina ?

On my search i remembered that one other musician had a hit in germany with this name in a  song ,Del Tha Funkee Homosapien an US rapper published this song in 1992 on his debut album , which has been produced by ICE- CUBE  ( his cousin) This  should remain  his only hit , three other LP´s which he released afterwards had no success . At least he (Teren Delvon Jones)  appeared again in 2002 as the co -componist for the song „Clint Eastwood “ from the Gorillaz.

They say this song  (Mistadobalina ) has been influenced by the song „Mind Power “ from James Brown ( 1974 ) but i cannot hear a relation to it-  do you ??

Others say it has been sampled from the song „Stoned by the bone “ also by James Brown , hmmmm………

In fact this Mr Bob Dobalina must have been a person out of an announcement in an airport „Final boarding call for Mr. Dobalina, Mr. Bob Dobalina“ the Monkees heard it and they have been inspired ( because it sounds so good)  to the tracks opening line .

In the late 60´s a lot of bands have been inspired from the psychedelic wave and released great albums , the Beatles with „Seargant Pepper “ and the Rolling Stones with „Their Satanic Majesties request“ , and the Monkees with „Daily Nightly „. „Daily Nightly“ is a song by Michael Nesmith , which appeared on their fourth album, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd., in 1967







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